Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Strategic Marketing Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Strategic Marketing Proposal - Essay Example Executive Summary Salad Creations has been offering fresh and natural salads in different parts of United States for years. Considering the response of the customers in United States, the company has planned to expand its services in United Kingdom as well. There are lots of reasons behind the success of Salad Creations in United States and the company would be highly relying on the brand image and management expertise to make the brand successful in London as well as it plans to expand. Salad Creations offer fresh and healthy salads. Different variety is available for customers to choose from and even if they do not like any of these, then the company gives them the freedom to prepare their own salads. Although, in United Kingdom there are few competitors offering fresh salad but considering the market research and response of the target market, the management feels that London would be the best suited area for opening a new store in the European Union. The management plans to make use of different marketing channels and has devised different short term as well as long term objectives. Strategies have been devised to achieve these objectives by the management. The company would also be making use of traditional as well as latest marketing channels to promote the offerings of the company so that they are able to reach the target market. Also the company would be evaluating different marketing channels and then prioritising the investment on different marketing channels accordingly. Online marketing strategies, social media marketing and traditional promotional channels such as direct mail, advertisements on billboards and advertisements on newspapers would be ysed by the management to promote the brand in London and in United Kingdom. Marketing Budget has also been setup by the management however the management has pre-decided that this budget would not be fixed and it would be flexible. The management would be evaluating the marketing budget on a quarterly bas is so that they can invest more in activities that yield better returns so that it helps in the long run profitability of the company. 2.0. Situational Analysis Salad Creation is a renowned name in the food industry of United States offering fresh and healthy salads. Salad Creation offers spectacular taste at affordable prices and with the growing consciousness of the people around the world to have more fresh and natural foods, the demand of salad has increased to a great extent. The proposal analyses the situation of Salad Creation to start offering the fresh salad in United Kingdom as it plans to expand the idea of fresh and natural foods in other parts of the world besides United States. Salad Creation has been evaluating to offer its services in London, United Kingdom and then afterwards to other parts of United Kingdom. In London, the management has selected the Oxford Street where the company should be opening its first outlet in United Kingdom. There are several reasons for selecting this location; accessibility of resources, ease of customers to reach, an important area in the city, availability of transport etc. In the appendix section, a map has been placed identifying the proposed location of Salad Creations. Although, the demand for such products have been increasing throughout the world. However, there are few competitors already operating in London

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